New Retail SEP Begins Next Week

New Retail SEP Begins Next Week

Reminder: The special enrollment period (SEP) runs from Feb. 15th through May 15th, and we are participating. To help you get ready, see the main features of the new SEP for the individual ACA market in last week’s article.

Resources for you. More details are being added as they become available. Be sure to bookmark these or save them to your favorites, and check back for updates.

HelpEarn Compensation for Retail SEP Sales; Affirm Training

Are you planning to sell an off-exchange qualified health plan due to a client’s qualifying life event? Then you must complete and affirm our annual special enrollment period (SEP) training.

Follow these 4 steps:

  1. Download and review the training  PDF. See Pages 52-54 for the SEP business rules. See Pages 55-58 for detailed screen-by-screen steps to affirm. 
  2. Log in to Blue Access for ProducersSM using your own account, not your agency's. The writing producer must make the affirmation.
  3. Select “Producer Services” at the top of the page and click the “SEP Training Affirmation” link. 
  4. Read the affirmation language and click the green “Submit” button. Be sure to keep the “Service Request” ticket confirmation number for your records.

Don’t miss this opportunity – especially with the extended SEP.

Help Small Group and Mid-Market Sales and Renewal Kits

Find all the tips, tools, forms and product information to sell or renew your Small (1-50) and Mid-Market (51-150) groups.

Next Small Group deadlines:
  • April 1st renewals: paperwork is due March 2nd
  • May 1st renewals: paperwork is due April 1st
  • See all 2021 PDF due dates.

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