Bright HealthCare Offers Bonus Rewards For Members


Member Rewards Bonus For Florida Individual and Family Plans 

Starting January 1st, help your Florida members complete the Bright HealthCare Rewards four healthy actions for 2022 and earn a $50 bonus per member. 

Members can earn rewards for taking simple healthy actions. Registration into Bright HealthCare Rewards is fast and easy, and members can earn their first $225 in less than 30 minus. 

As their broker, you'll earn $50 for every Florida member that has enrolled in Bright HealthCare Rewards and completed all four healthy actions by February 28th. Must have a minimum of 25 Bright HealthCare members in Florida who completed the Bright HealthCare Rewards four healthy actions to qualify. Bonus will be paid in April 2022. 

Bright HealthCare Member Rewards Bonus in Florida

  • To enroll in Bright HealthCare Rewards, members must: 

    • Be 18 years of age or older

    • Be effectuated in order to access Bright HealthCare Rewards 

    • Register for Bright HealthCare Rewards every plan year 

  • To complete the Bright HealthCare Rewards four healthy actions, members must: 

    • Sign up for Bright HealthCare Rewards

    • Select a primary care provider (PCP)

    • Take a health survey 

    • Opt-in to receive communications 

This Member Rewards Bonus applies to new and renewed Individual and Family Plan members in Florida with an effective date of 1/1/2022. This program is intended for Broker participation only. 

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