CVS Health To Collaborate With Uber Health To Create Health Equity


CVS Health and Uber Health collaborate to advance health equity in communities nationwide

CVS Health today announced a collaboration with Uber Health to provide critical transportation support at no cost to people who need it most when seeking access to medical care, work or educational programs.

The relationship is part of Health Zones, CVS Health's new initiative that provides concentrated local investments designed to reduce health disparities and advance health equity in high-risk communities across the country. Health Zones is an approach to addressing six key aspects of health: housing, education, access to food, labor, transportation, and health care access. The Health Zones initiative is now active in five markets in the United States: Atlanta, GA; Columbus, OH; Fresno, CA; Hartford, CT; and Phoenix, AZ with plans to expand into more cities later this year. 

CVS Health and Uber Health will help eliminate a critical barrier to care and overall well-being transportation which can limit a person's ability to receive medical care, to get to work or to job training and can ultimately lead to adverse health outcomes. Rides with Uber Health will be available to a target population living in three of the five Health Zones: Atlanta, GA; Columbus, OH; and Hartford, CT with plans to enter additional cities later this year.

For Uber Health, the relationship with CVS Health is a natural extension of its broader commitment to improving population health care management, so more people can achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles. Its HIPAA-supported solution is utilized by more than 2,000 health care organizations across the U.S. Health Zones is part of CVS Health's overall commitment to advance health equity in America. 

In 2021, CVS Health invested $185 million in affordable housing nationwide and $1.3 billion over the past 20 years. Through these investments, CVS Health has been able to provide underserved communities with quality housing, economic support, and educational training opportunities based on the unique needs of the population.

CVS Health continues to help ensure equitable access to COVID-19 testing and vaccinations across the country. Approximately 40 percent of vaccines have been provided to underserved communities and more than 50 percent of CVS Health's testing sites have also supported these communities.

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