Need Protection for a Lifetime? Gerber Life Makes It Easy


Gerber Life Makes Protection Plans Easy

At Gerber Life, we understand that a good way to provide peace of mind to your clients is to help them put lifetime insurance protection in place. They’ll be covered for as long as they live, as long as premiums are paid. Their loved ones won’t be burdened with leftover debt upon their passing. And, depending on the coverage amount, an inheritance may be provided.

An important part of lifetime protection is ensuring payments are up to date to keep the policy valid. Using ACH (Automated Clearinghouse) can help your clients make safe and timely payments.

  • Agents benefit because it can help dramatically improve policy persistency, providing the opportunity for full commission payments

  • Clients benefit from ACH’s discount on premium rates, plus paying premiums automatically makes it easier to keep insurance protection in place for a lifetime

Gerber Life’s array of adult whole life insurance products include: 

  • Gerber Life Whole Life 

  • Gerber Life Simplified Senior Life 

  • Gerber Life Guaranteed Life 

These features may be interest to your clients based on their needs: 

  • Simplified underwriting for certain whole life products and almost instant decisions, which streamlines the underwriting and sales process 

  • Guaranteed Issue 

  • Premiums, cash value and the death benefit are guaranteed

  • Simple and short applications that can be e-signed and submitted electronically for faster processing, which also streamlines the process for completing the application and sending it to Gerber Life Insurance 

Whether you’re conducting business in person or remotely, Gerber Life also offers an array of tools that can help make the sales process quick and easy:

  • The Gerber Life Agent Portal for product quotes and e-App submissions 

  • Mobile App Agent Zone for quick quotes 

  • Gerber Life E-A-S-Y telephone application service for application submissions over the phone

Are you contracted with Gerber Life Insurance? Get appointed through Agility Insurance Services today! 

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