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Ambetter Broker News 

SEP Commissions Second Quarter 2022

  • The work you do for your clients is happening all year round. To acknowledge that hard work, Ambetter continues to pay commissions on SEP enrollments.

  • Clients who have recently had a baby, just gotten married, moved to a new area or have had another life changing event, may also qualify for an Ambetter health plan.

  • Enroll SEP clients today at

  • Questions about Ambetter commissions? Call your Ambetter Sales Representative at 1-855-700-7985, option 3.

Ambetter Member Perks Discount Program

  • Ambetter is proud to partner with Abenity to offer Ambetter members discounts and special rates on health-focused products and services including:

    • Local Gym Memberships– 24 Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness, GlobalFit, Jazzercize and more!

    • Home Gyms– Total Gym and Horizon Fitness

    • Digital Fitness– Get and stay fit from your home with Evolutions Yoga and BurnAlong

    • Healthy Eating– Use services like Amazon Fresh, Home Chef and Blue Apron

  • Ambetter members can register at using the Registration Code: MemberPerks.

  • Ambetter members have access to thousands of private discounts, monthly giveaways and perks on everything from restaurants, auto maintenance and hotels.

  • Questions? Email Abenity at

My Health Pays Rewards Program

  • Ambetter members can earn up to $500 in rewards per year to help lower their healthcare-related costs. Rewards earned can be used to help pay for costs such as doctor copays*, deductibles, coinsurance and monthly premiums**. Earned rewards also rollover year after year.

  • Members can start earning by logging into their online member account and clicking Rewards in the top navigation menu.

Ambetter Community Relations Team 

  • On Tuesday, March 1, 2022, the Ambetter Community Relations Team and our Illinois health plan, Meridian Health partnered to participate in Cook County Commissioner Bill Lowry’s Co-op Community Fair in Chicago, Illinois.

  • The Community Relations Team enjoyed meeting attendees wanting to learn more about the affordable health coverage options Ambetter offers. Many attendees were familiar with Ambetter having seen an Ambetter commercial or recognizing us from another community event.

  • In addition to introducing Ambetter to future Ambetter members, the team was fortunate to meet several current Ambetter members who stopped by to tell them how much they appreciated Ambetter.

  • The Co-op Community Fair was a successful event receiving tremendous support from the community as well as the agencies, nonprofits and health insurance issuers that participated.

Ambetter Featured Broker: Adam Clark

State you live in: Kansas

States you write in: KS, MO, OK, TX, AZ, MS, FL, AR, NE, NM, TN, IA

Years in the insurance business: 21 years

How long have you been working with us? 5 years

Personal secret to success: Treating my clients the same as I would treat my own friends and family, with the utmost respect. Our clients are not just another number, each and every one of them serve as the building blocks to our success. We have built relationships that will last a lifetime by relating to our customers on a different level other than just insurance related topics and situations. Once you have found common ground with a client and empathize to their situation, they can feel that you are genuinely there to help them. And as a result, they refer their closest friends and family knowing you will give them the same royal treatment.

Favorite quote: "Work smart, not hard!"

What tips would you offer a new broker interested in selling Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans? Do not limit yourself to just the ACA market, diversify the products that you have to offer so that you have something available for each and everyone's situation. Get contracted to write Medicare products, short term medical plans, and even dental and vision plans. A broker that also offers over 65 plans will keep their clients on the books for the rest of their lives by helping them transition over to Medicare. The easiest way to get a Medicare client is to already have the client on the books with an established relationship and a proven track record of being there for them and helping them with their individual health insurance prior to turning 65.

What do you like best about Ambetter plans? Stability has been one of the main keys to keeping our clients satisfied with Ambetter year after year. The plan structures have stayed very similar to each OEP and the premiums have remained very level. A lot of carriers have come and gone in our market over the years, which leads to hesitancy when positioning new products and new plans to potential clients. Other carriers have entered into this market with a low-ball price the first year and doubled or tripled in price the second year and on. Ambetter, on the other hand, has been a breath of fresh air, and has stayed very stable.

What Ambetter plan features resonate best with your clients? i.e.- My Health Pays program, rates, network, etc.: Our clients love having the option to include a dental and vision plan that can be integrated into their health insurance. It is a very unique feature in our market and it comes at a very affordable price compared to the option of purchasing dental and vision plans separately. Also, most dental plans have waiting periods to satisfy prior to getting work done, whereas Ambetter's dental and vision plans have no waiting periods.

How do you generate new leads? Most of our leads are from word of mouth or referrals. But, we do several marketing campaigns throughout the year to try to generate new activity when things are slow, such as radio commercials, billboards, bus wraps and various sponsorships. We also get a lot of incoming leads using the Help On-demand Tool through I would recommend to anyone selling ACA products to take advantage of the Help On-demand Tool, as it can generate a lot of extra enrollments without the hefty cost associated with advertising campaigns.

How do you ensure your clients make their binder payment? During the sales process, we have found the best way to insure the client makes their binder payment is to get their first down payment entered online right then, at the time of sale. We also strive to get our clients to elect to set up on-going payments right up front to prevent accidental lapses. For those clients that prefer to pay directly, we check the broker portal prior to the end of the year to cross reference those that have not paid yet and reach out to them individually.

What would you like to see more issuers do in the ACA market or add to the market for the next open enrollment season? I believe that having an open enrollment period for the marketplace separate from the Medicare annual election period would significantly increase volume in ACA plan enrollments. Most of our brokers are offering both Medicare and Individual Family plans, and with both enrollment periods overlapping, their is just not enough time in the day to get the large amount of clients enrolled that need assistance in such a small window. If there was the option to have the ACA OEP in the spring or summer, we could focus our efforts on individual plans specifically and wait until the end of the year to work with our Medicare clients.

Better Is: Continuing to grow your membership with Ambetter!

Tell us what Better Is for you! Better is: Improving the health and well-being of our community by offering quality healthcare at a price they can afford!

Featured Sales Representative: Paulina Vasquez

What is your title: Western Region Sales Representative

How long have you worked for Centene: 6 Months

Hobbies and activities: I love spending quality time with my granddaughter, watching my son play baseball and photography.

What makes a successful Ambetter broker? Selecting a health insurance plan can be difficult for many people, but knowing what to do after enrollment can also be a challenge. A successful agent not only helps the member in selecting a plan that fits their needs, but also guides them throughout the plan year. They also show the member how to use their plan, by directing them to the resources that allows them to take charge of their health. They also assist in creating the member portal, setting up auto-pay, and the My Health Pays rewards program.

Prior to joining Centene, I was a broker for over seven years. I know what it takes to help clients with their health insurance needs. This includes an understanding of their individual circumstances, product knowledge and providing excellent customer service. Selecting a health plan was a challenge for many of my clients as well as understanding how to access their benefits once enrolled.

What do you enjoy most about the ACA, your job, Centene, etc.? I enjoy working for a company that focuses on the health of our communities. The My Health Pays program is an excellent example of what Ambetter does to keep members focused on their health. This program allows members to earn rewards by making healthy decisions, completing wellness screenings, and exercising.

What makes Adam Clark a great Ambetter partner? Adam Clark is very knowledgeable in his field and is in tune with his clients’ needs. He is a great example of a hardworking and dedicated broker. He has been in the insurance industry for over twenty years and continues to be successful in the ACA and Medicare world. He is motivated, trustworthy, and diligent. He is passionate about helping his clients navigate their insurance needs by understanding and empathizing with their particular situation. I appreciate his continued partnership with Ambetter and look forward to working with him through many more open enrollment periods.

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