UnitedHealthcare Spring Bonus Program

                                    Spring Into Action Incentive

April 1, 2022 – July 31, 2022

Are you ready to Spring into Action and give your business a boost?

Don't miss this chance to get rewarded for springing into action and upping your earnings with eligible TriTerm Medical (TTM) and Short Term Medical (STM) applications submitted April 1, 2022 – July 31, 2022. Submit and have issued a minimum of 15 eligible applications for the Spring into Action bonus! Once you qualify, your bonus counts all the way back to the first eligible app. See complete rules & details below.

Eligible Products

  • TriTerm Medical Plans: Copay Select max, Plan 80 Max, Plan 100 Max 

    • Bonus - $250

  • TriTerm Medical Plans: Value, Hospital & Surgical

    • Bonus - $200

  • Short Term Medical (min, 12-month term)

    • Bonus - $70

  • Short Term Medical (6-11 month Term)

    • Bonus - $35

Why Short Term plans?

TriTerm Medical (nearly 3 years of coverage) and Short Term Medical plans may offer your clients flexible health insurance coverage options when other options might not be affordable or obtainable.

Short Term plans are subject to medical underwriting and do contain pre-existing condition limitations for coverage. You should determine what plan best meets the needs of each customer.

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