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5 Social Media Content Ideas for October

By: Michelle M. Saavedra Now that we are entering a spooky season, it’s time to revamp our creativity! If you want to be known as the “Pumpkin King” of Health Insurance, you’ll need to embrace the autumn aesthetic during the month of October. In other words, you must identify the key elements that might help you connect with your ideal audience and incorporate them into your content calendar plan. Let’s say that your ideal client likes to buy pumpkin spice lattes during the fall. The easiest way to pique their interest would be to create a content piece that includes this seasonal drink. Nonetheless, we are not asking you to sprint towards the nearest coffee shop and take gazillion photos of the signature cup. Agility Agents know there must be real intent behind everything they publish on the web. If you’re an Insurance Agent that is ready to take your online presence to the next level, then we invite you to implement the following 5 content pieces created for the month of October. 1)

Devoted Health announces external weekly commissions

In January 2023, Devoted Health will begin to pay external commissions weekly.  If you're not certified to sell Devoted Health yet, now is the best time to do so. With this new incentive on the horizon. Devoted Health agents will have even more opportunities to earn with this new roll out!  If you aren't yet familiar with Devoted Health Plans, this is the best time to get started and join the Devoted Health family .  Reach out to Agility Insurance Services to learn more about selling Devoted Health and getting that bag! With Devoted's new weekly commissions starting in January, this is the best time to get certified and share Devoted Health with your audience! 

Medica's new push to reach Individuals and Families

Huge news! Medica launches new market to individuals and families. This insurance provider now offers Essentia Choice Care to supplement or cover healthcare to families nationwide starting in 2023.  It's time to jump in with both feet and share Medica's plans with your customers. This new launch by Medica opens up a huge new network of potential clients for Enroll Insurance agents.  Medica now offers Essentia Choice Care in the following states/regions: Northern Minnesota Fargo/SW North Dakota Lincoln Area Nebraska Superior/NW Wisconsin Witchita Metro, Topeka, and SW Kansas Near Kansas City, Missouri  Medica plans to continue current plan offers in 2023 in the following states: Arizona Iowa Kansas Missouri Nebraska North Dakota Oklahoma Wisconsin Medica also plans to make several important program changes in 2023 to further incentivize new customers.  Time to start preparing to pitch these offers to your audience. With Medica's expanding market, your own market will expand

Ways to Pitch Dental and Vision Insurance to Your Audience

How can you make access to vision or dental insurance more attainable to potential consumers? It is time to show your audience that they just have to know the right company that can determine the right plan for their individual needs. To some, dental and vision insurance might not be a huge priority. Other consumers wish to avoid the hassle of securing these two types of insurance and therefore put it off. That's where YOU come in.  Here are a few ways to pitch vision and dental insurance to your audience and emphasize the importance of these types of healthcare and why they are so beneficial.  Dental and Vision prevent future health complications from arising.  Emphasize how having a dentist or eye expert regularly check up on your teeth or eyes means identifying any possible health risks before they become serious. Without properly monitoring  oral health or vision , consumers could be paying much higher prices out of pocket further down the road when a significant concern arises