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Protecting Personal Data in Healthcare: The Importance of Cybersecurity Measures

As a health insurance agent, you play a critical role in ensuring the protection of the personal data of your clients. Consumers share a vast amount of important information when enrolling for health insurance. This includes social security numbers, citizenship papers, passport info, and banking numbers. However, the ongoing threat of cyber attacks in the […]

Understanding the Biden Administration’s Medicare Advantage Cuts as an Agility Agent

The Biden Administration has proposed reductions in spending for Medicare Advantage plans, intending to redirect funds towards other healthcare initiatives. These cuts could have significant implications for Medicare Advantage customers, the future of Medicare Advantage plans, and the entire Medicare Advantage market. The Administration’s proposal would reduce spending for Medicare Advantage plans by 1.25% in […]

Molina Announces New Logo Requests for Agency Partners

Molina Logo Request

Agency Partners Introducing Molina Marketplace’s Logo Request Process: We are pleased to share our new “Molina Logo Request” Process with you! This new process will make it easy for you and your agents to request the use of our Molina Logo. Submit Your Logo Request: To request the use of Molina’s logo, please follow the […]