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July 2021 – Third Quarter

Encourage Clients to Take Advantage of Enhanced ATPCs

Extended SEP ends August 15, 2021.

The SEP extension to further help consumers take advantage of Enhanced ATPCs, will be ending August 15, 2021.

Clients still have time to enroll in an Ambetter Marketplace plan to take advantage of the increased savings and lower costs made available by the American Rescue Plan (ARP).

It’s been estimated the number of those eligible for a subsidy on the Marketplace increased by 20% with the passage of the ARP.* Consumers’ required contributions are lowered at all income levels thereby increasing APTC. Individuals earning 100-150% FPL will be eligible for fully subsidized coverage. Additionally, premiums are capped at 8.5% of income for those above 400% FPL removing the “subsidy cliff.”


Ambetter Telehealth: Talk with a doctor by phone or video.

Ambetter Telehealth is convenient 24/7 medical help with a $0 copay*. Members get access to in-network doctors for non-emergency health issues or questions. Get medical advice, a diagnosis or a prescription by phone or video anytime, anywhere.

If your clients haven’t used Ambetter Telehealth before, they can visit or call 1-800-835-2362 to get started. Clients will need their Ambetter Member ID card on-hand while registering.

Google Ad Certification for ACA Advertising

Earlier this year Google announced a new certification program for health insurance advertisers to aid in curbing misinformation or fraud. This special certification will be required for ACA health insurers or third-party brokers who want to run Google Ads. Brokers will need to provide documentation showing they are permitted under state law to sell health insurance to run ads on Google. For more information please visit:



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