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Ambetter Co-branding Guidelines: Broker guidelines for use of the Ambetter brand.

All broker advertising utilizing Ambetter branding must be submitted for Ambetter approval before use.

Ideally, we are in need of 7-10 days to review. This allows for any necessary revisions and a final round of approval, as well. Co-branded items include, but are not limited to: posters, billboards, video endcards, banner ads, social media posts, radio scripts, etc.

Submit your marketing materials to your Sales Representative. Acceptable artwork/copy formats include: PDF, PNG or Word formats.

If additional edits or changes are needed, the review process will start over at step one.

Upon final approval from Ambetter, you can begin using approved artwork.

View the Broker Co-branding Guidelines
for full guidance on how to use the Ambetter brand. The Broker
Co-branding Guidelines are also available in the broker portal in the
Training Materials section.

 And don’t forget about your Ambetter Contracting!

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