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National Life Group: September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

Three ways to engage throughout Life Insurance Awareness Month.

Your clients and prospects have lived through many changes over the
past two years, which have underscored the need for life insurance more
than ever before.

Take this opportunity to reach out and help them understand what “With life insurance, I’ve got you.” might mean to them and to their loved ones.

Three ways to engage throughout Life Insurance Awareness Month:

  1. Check NL Edge for weekly sales ideas.  Each week, we’ll feature a new sales idea in NL Edge to give you new insight and a competitive advantage.
  2. Get social.  Connect with clients and future
    customers using the power of social media. You will find a wealth of
    life insurance themed content available.

  3. Use our abundance of tools and marketing resources.  Looking for an email, flier or other marketing tool on a specific product or idea? We have an eKit for that!

And don’t forget you National Life Group Contracting!

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