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Annual Enrollment Period Final Update

Congratulations To Our Agents On A Successful AEP!  

Thank you for working with us to reach our goal.  We closed out this AEP with these incredible numbers:


  • Page Views: We saw a record 39.4 million page views this AEP – an 18.9% increase over last AEP’s page views!   


  • Unique Users/Members: There were 7.33 million unique users/members utilizing the ConnectureDRX sites this AEP.


  • Enrollment Submissions: Along with the significant increase in overall page views, there was a nearly 30% increase over last year’s total enrollments submitted through the ConnectureDRX platform during AEP.   


  • Text/Email to Sign Enrollment:  By the end of AEP, we saw an increase of 66% for enrollments sent to beneficiaries to sign and submit.  54.1% were sent via email, 14.9% sent via text and 31% sent via both email and text.


  • Text/Email SOA: Usage increased by 52.8% this AEP, with 61.7% sent via email and 38.3% sent via text.


  • Connections to We also saw a significant increase in the volume of connections being made to for beneficiaries to allow their prescription drug information to be shared with ConnectureDRX sites.  There were over 38,000 connections to this AEP with 87% of beneficiaries providing approval to share that data.

If you’re not familiar with ConnectureDRX, here’s a small breakdown: 

  • ConnectureDRX offers the most widely adopted Medicare shopping, quoting and enrollment solution, providing millions of consumers every year with a simple digital experience for finding their best fit plans. With gold standard drug pricing, ConnectureDRX arms consumers with reliable and time-tested out-of-pocket cost estimates to support better decision-making. ConnectureDRX’s multi-channel automation saves consumers, carriers, brokers and call centers time navigating Medicare complexities, improving member satisfaction and retention.

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