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5 Social Media Content Ideas for September

 5 Social Media Content Ideas for September 

By: Michelle M. Saavedra

September usually brings cooler days and nights. This fact also affects the type of content published on social media. During the summertime, insurance agents tend to create content that promotes their travel insurance products. But now that we are getting closer to OEP, insurance agents will start to shift their focus towards Medicare Advantage and ACA products. We believe that life, supplemental and even travel insurance are products that can be sold and promoted throughout the year. Imagine selling an ACA plan and then also having the opportunity to offer dental and vision products to the same client! That’s called working smarter, not harder. Before we start mentioning the 5 content ideas for the month of September, we invite you to get contracted with Agility Insurance Services today! To get started visit or send us an email at [email protected]


1) Labor Day (September 5)

Click here to get FREE access to the Labor Day Weekend Social Media template! 

Can you believe we’ve celebrated Labor Day for the last 126 years! (Source: International Business Times) Unofficially, people honor this day by sharing selfies near the pool or next to the All-American grill. It’s safe to say that insurance agents and brands will take advantage of the organic engagement this type of content could generate for them. If you plan to utilize our social media template, remember to add at least one of the following hashtags to your social media copy: #LaborDay #LaborDay2022 #LaborDayWeekend 


2) Never forget (September 11)

In the past, brands have incorporated images of the actual Twin Towers into their 9/11 remembrance posts. Do we recommend this strategy? It depends on what exactly you’re trying to communicate. A few years ago, a popular telecommunications company received tremendous backlash when they tried to advertise a mobile device during this period. Some called it tasteless and out of touch. Click here to see the image in question. 

Overall, promoting your services and products is frowned upon during this day. The only posts allowed are those that invite people to share their 9/11 unique stories. Don’t focus on the image that will accompany the post, that’s what our template is here for. Time should be invested into crafting a social media copy that will bring hope and/or invite reflection. If you still don’t know what to write about, then it would be best to skip this type of content post for now.


3) Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19)

Ahoy, Matey! It’s time to put on your boots and join the #TalkLikeAPirate challenge! Insurance agents could use this special occasion to create a one of a kind TikTok video or Instagram Reel. 

The theme? Imitate a conversation you could potentially have with a client or prospect. 

The catch? Talk like a pirate or walk the plank!

If you’re not comfortable creating video content for your business page, then we invite you to utilize our social media template displayed above.


4) National Comic Book Day (September 25)

Insurance agents that are looking to expand their reach should consider creating shareable content. Afterall, everything on social media comes down to being able to provide unique information or experience in a timely manner. That’s why we’ve created a Multiple-Choice image for #ComicBookDay. This image invites the online audience to share their opinion towards a very simple question. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of it! It can still cause a debate between online users that prefer a more popular option. 

As for the post caption, we recommend our Agility Agents to utilize the following text:


5) Happy Birthday Google (Google’s Birthday) September 27

Click here to get FREE access to the Happy Birthday Google Social Media Template!

For the final content piece of the month, we’ve thought it would be ideal to create a post that officially celebrates the birth of the most popular search engine to date…. Mister Google. Thousands of brands and insurance agents will probably create a normal celebratory post. But with our Social Media Template, Agility Agents will be able to utilize an image that will garner the attention of their ideal audience. Just remember to tag us on your post! We might share your post in our Instagram Stories if you do. We hope that our blog has helped you jumpstart your content calendar plan for the month of September. Remember to be on the lookout for next month’s social media tips and tricks.

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