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5 Social Media Content Ideas for December

 By: Michelle M. Saavedra

The most wonderful time of the year is here! We can expect to see Christmas decorations just about everywhere. And don’t get me started on the unofficial holiday song that was released back in 1994 (yes, we are talking about Mariah Carey’s single: “All I want for Christmas is you”). Overall, the holiday season seems to bring joy and family unity around the world. But how is this fact going to help you sell more health insurance?
Agility Agents have learned from us that incorporating trending themes into their online content strategy plan will help them achieve their marketing goals. But before creating any type of content, insurance agents must be able to identify the key traits that characterize their ideal audience. Let’s say that your ideal client likes to listen to carol singers during the holidays, as a content creator, you could potentially create your very own festive song that describes your business and all the services you provide (health insurance, life insurance, etc.). We understand that this process can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting to create content for the first time. Since we want YOU to succeed, we’ve taken the time to identify 5 content pieces that you’ll be able to recreate for the month of December.
1) Happy Holidays!



During the month of December, people are more likely to share their traditions and religious beliefs on social media. Now you’re probably wondering: Should Insurance Agents share their traditions as well? It depends! If you know that 90% of your audience shares the same values as you, then it wouldn’t hurt to share them online. BUT if you have an audience that is more divided, then we recommend utilizing our FREE Happy Holidays Social Media Template. The GIF we created highlights different holiday traditions and family dynamics. If you’re utilizing this specific social media template, we also recommend adding the following caption to your post:

Happy Holidays! Remember, you have until the end of the year to update your health insurance plan. DM or text me at (Add your phone number) to get a FREE quote today!

2) National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (December 16)
3) Christmas Gift Ideas


Click here to get FREE access to the Christmas Gift Ideas Social Media Template!

During the holidays it is common to see brands and influencers predict what would be the top 10 Christmas gifts for the current year. Many individuals will end up buying those specific items because they were sponsored by someone or an entity that they considered trustworthy. Insurance Agents should take this opportunity to explain that enrolling a spouse (and even their children) on a 2023 health insurance plan is not just a gift, but a necessity.  With our Christmas Gift Ideas Social Media Template, Agility Agents will not only share gift ideas, but they will deliver a clear-cut message that will inspire the audience to contact them during the holiday season. 
4)    Christmas Day (December 25)


If you’ve seen the original Home Alone movie, you’ll remember the scene where Macaulay Culkin’s character reunites with his mother (played by Catherine O’Hara) on Christmas day. This was a wholesome scene that portrayed what Christmas Day is all about: family unity. Insurance Agents will probably share online an image of their family standing in front of their Christmas tree. While this act may garner attention from your followers, it won’t necessarily boost your sales. If you want to stay on theme this day, we recommend utilizing our Christmas Day Social Media Template.
5) New Year’s Eve (December 31)
This year, December 31st lands on a Saturday. This means that people will have more time to prepare for the festivities and rituals. I would not be surprised if brands created posts about popular New Year’s Eve rituals, like eating a dozen grapes at midnight or running around the street with a suitcase. Some people might even go to social media to share a video of the fireworks they captured outside their balcony. But Agility Agents will capitalize on this moment by sharing our New Year’s Eve Social Media Template.  


We hope that our blog has helped you jumpstart your content calendar plan for the month of December. Remember to be on the lookout for next month’s social media tips and tricks.


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