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Growing your online audience after ACA OEP 2023

By: Michelle M. Saavedra 

On December 31st, millions of people around the world were eagerly counting down the hours to welcome the new year. But for insurance agents, the real countdown began when the ball dropped on Time Square. This action alone symbolized the impending end of the Open Enrollment Season for the year 2023. In other words, Insurance Agents now had 15 days left to contact potential clients and enroll them in a 2023 health insurance plan. Naturally, every effort would be geared towards promoting health insurance products through social media. But come January 16th, most of the messages and digital ads would cease to exist. And sadly, many insurance agents would go as far as abandoning their digital platforms until the next Open Enrollment Period comes along.

Agility Agents understand that NOW is the time to start building their online reputation, not during OEP season. Why is this? Because building a rapport with an online community takes time, dedication, and consistency. And after you’ve built your community, that’s when you’ll be able to start selling or promoting your services. Remember that proverbial expression that says, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? The same principle applies here. Luckily, we are here to guide you every step of the way! After reading our blog, you’ll be able to start creating engaging content for all your social media channels. Let’s dive in!

A) Reintroduce yourself – Now that we are starting off a new year, it’s the perfect time to reintroduce yourself to your audience. Create a short video or a long form post explaining who you are, what services you provide to the community and your personal goals for 2023. If you decide to record a video, try to keep it brief (1-2 minutes long). You could even go as far as creating a video series! This is how a scheduled video series could look like for your social media pages:
1. “Introducing (Add your name): Your New Health Insurance Agent”
2. “My Goals for 2023 as a Health Insurance Agent”
3.“Here are 5 reasons why I decided to sell health insurance”
4. “Why should you talk to a licensed health insurance agent today?”

B) Become a leader in your industry – You have the capability of becoming an industry leader by sharing your knowledge with your ideal audience. Nonetheless, the way the message is delivered will help you stand out from your competitors. To achieve this, you must first identify your brand’s image, voice and mission statement.

1. Image: All the visual elements that constitute a personal brand. For example: Logo, typography, colors, etc. Insurance agents that create video content will also need to determine their overall attire (dressing up casual or professional), props and even set designs.

2. Voice: This refers to the insurance agent’s personality and vocabulary presented online. If an insurance agent is trying to connect with a specific audience (let’s say millennials), then they must speak the same language and style as their targeted audience. In other words, they would have to incorporate emojis and popular sayings (or slangs) among millennials into their branded voice.   

3. Mission statement: It’s imperative for an insurance agent to define their business goals before creating content online. This would include the agent’s values and overall business purpose. For example, if you’re selling Medicare products, then your mission statement should expand on how your services can benefit the senior community located in your area.

C) Interact with your audience – Many insurance agents often forget that social media platforms (at their very core) were created to facilitate communication between friends and families. Nowadays, users that post consistently online (in platforms like TikTok) are looking to exchange ideas with people that are outside their inner circle. Basically, the “influencer era” is all about listening to the audience and providing the information they are seeking. As an insurance agent, you should consider doing the following when creating content for your business page:

1. Hit the reply button: Feedback generated by the audience should always be responded by the content creator. But what should an agent do if they receive negative or rude comments? If these specific comments don’t allow the exchange of ideas between individuals, then the insurance agent can either hide these comments from the public or delete them. In extreme cases, agents can block the user from seeing any type of content created by them. But if the negative comments persist, then the agent must reevaluate their content strategy altogether.

2. Q & A: If an agent keeps receiving the same question repeatedly, then it might be time to address it. Agents could create a Q & A type of post that can be re-shared every time a newcomer submits the common questions. We also recommend creating a branded hashtag and sharing the purpose of the hashtag to your fans. For example: An agent named Marie decided to create the following hashtag #AskMarieMedicare, so that her fans can submit all their questions regarding Medicare Advantage. If you need help with creating a branded hashtag for your business, feel free to schedule a one-on-one session with me to discuss this further at:
3. Go live: If an agent wants to connect with their audience in real-time, then we recommend hosting a live stream on a social media platform. It has been confirmed by Facebook employee’s that users prefer to watch live videos rather than pre-recorded videos. Why is this form of video content so popular? Because it gives the audience the ability to interact with the host and other users that might share the same interests. Before creating your first live video chat, here are some things you should follow before pressing the LIVE Button: The Must-Read Guide: Professional Facebook Live Streams.

We hope that our blog has helped you jumpstart your content strategy plan for the new calendar year. Remember to be on the lookout for next month’s social media tips and tricks.


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