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Friday Health Plans Winding Down Business In Oklahoma

Throughout the history of Friday Health Plans, the members and brokers have consistently emphasized their appreciation for the company’s commitment to simplicity, affordability, and excellent service. In the year 2022, the company experienced unprecedented demand and rapid growth. However, Friday faced challenges in scaling their financial infrastructure to keep up with this accelerated growth and secure the necessary additional capital for sustaining their operations. As a result, in collaboration with the Oklahoma Insurance Department, the decision was made to wind down their business operations in Oklahoma.

Although Friday is understandably disappointed, they firmly believe that this course of action is ultimately in the best interest of their valued members. The company is fully dedicated to working closely with the Oklahoma Insurance Department to minimize any disruptions experienced by their members. Friday Health Plans expresses sincere gratitude for the unwavering support and dedicated efforts demonstrated by their customers, and they deeply appreciate their ongoing support during this transitional period.

In conjunction with CMS, the Oklahoma Insurance Department will be organizing a Special Enrollment Period starting from July 2nd and continuing until August 31st. This enrollment period is specifically designed for current members enrolled in Friday Health Plans of Oklahoma, Inc. To obtain information regarding the subsequent steps for customers currently enrolled in a Friday plan, individuals are encouraged to visit