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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Announces New 2024 Bonuses for Agents

Blue Cross announces a $50 bonus for enrollment of new individual and family plan contracts, effective January 1, 2024. Note: New to Blue Cross enrollment is defined as a contract written during the open enrollment period and has not been in effect with any Blue Cross individual plan for at least three months before the effective date of the most current enrollment. 

Additionally, Blue Cross is offering a $25 retention bonus for existing members who are retained from a closing plan and contracted into another Blue Cross plan with an effective date of January 1, 2024. To receive this bonus, the member must not stay in the suggested crosswalk plan. Any Blue Cross plan will qualify.

Earlier this year, Blue Cross shared that all agents selling Blue Cross individual and family plans would be paid the highest commission rate; today’s announcement further demonstrates our commitment to you with a competitive compensation program. We appreciate your partnership and recognize the insurance services you provide to Michigan individuals.

With many insurers withdrawing plan options from Michigan, this is an opportune time for you as an authorized Blue Cross agent. Some currently available plans include the Ascension Personalized Care plan and the U.S. Health and Life. Ascension is still in-network as a health plan provider with Blue Cross.