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Discover the Medica 2024 Bonus Program!

In the world of insurance, brokers often play a pivotal role in helping individuals and families secure the coverage they need. For Minnesota residents enrolled in an Essentia Choice Care by Medica IFB plan, 2024 brings exciting news with the introduction of the Medica 2024 Individual + Family (IFB) Bonus Program. This program not only recognizes the dedication of brokers but also rewards them handsomely for their hard work.

Eligibility for this bonus program is straightforward. It’s open to Minnesota residents who are enrolled in an Essentia Choice Care by Medica IFB plan as of May 16, 2024, for which the agent is the Agent of Record (AOR). The program’s growth period spans from May 16, 2023, to May 16, 2024.

The highlight of this program is undoubtedly the bonus itself. Brokers will receive a $200 bonus for each net change in active members enrolled in an Essentia Choice Care by Medica IFB plan during the growth period. There’s no cap on the maximum bonus amount, making the earning potential limitless.

For instance, if an agent is the AOR for 100 active members on May 16, 2023, and sees their roster grow to 110 active members by May 16, 2024, they stand to receive a one-time bonus of $2000 ($200 x 10 active members). A net decrease or no change in active members during the growth period will result in a $0 bonus.

Bonus payments are set to be distributed as a one-time bonus to the Agency’s agents in July 2024, making it a timely reward for their dedicated efforts throughout the year.

The Medica 2024 IFB Bonus Program is a testament to the company’s commitment to both its brokers and its customers. It serves as a reminder of the value these professionals bring to the insurance industry and their ability to positively impact the lives of Minnesota residents. So, for all the brokers out there who are working tirelessly to ensure their clients have the best possible coverage, this program is a way of saying, “Thank you for your partnership.” It’s a win-win situation that encourages growth and provides a financial incentive for those who strive to make a difference in the insurance landscape.