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Enhancing Agent of Record Transparency for OE24 with HealthSherpa

In the dynamic world of healthcare enrollment, being the Agent of Record (AOR) is crucial for insurance professionals. To prepare for Open Enrollment 24 (OE24), HealthSherpa is rolling out significant updates aimed at enhancing transparency regarding AOR status. These changes are set to revolutionize your experience and understanding of client assistance, submission, and AOR designation.

Phase One: Transparency (Beginning September 20)

Starting September 20, HealthSherpa is introducing a series of small yet impactful updates to the client detail page. These changes include:

  1. Assistor Identification: In the application detail section, HealthSherpa will now display the name of the “assistor.” This identifies the person who aided the consumer in completing their application according to
  2. AOR Visibility: The AOR on each policy will be prominently listed on the plan card. This ensures clarity in understanding who holds this crucial role.
  3. Agent Information: The application detail section will provide a comprehensive overview of all relevant agent information, including the name of the assistor, submitter, and AOR, as listed on This ensures that agents see the actual AOR’s name instead of a generic “other party” label whenever possible.

Phase Two: Notifications (Before Open Enrollment)

Before OE24, HealthSherpa will take transparency a step further by sending email notifications if any changes in AOR information occur for your clients. This proactive approach keeps you informed and in control of your client relationships.

To delve deeper into how AOR information is displayed on HealthSherpa and to explore other platform enhancements made since the last Open Enrollment, we encourage you to register for an upcoming “What’s New Webinar” available weekly in both English and Spanish, starting the week of September 18.

HealthSherpa’s commitment to transparency and empowering agents is unwavering, and these updates are a testament to that commitment. Stay tuned for a seamless OE24 experience with HealthSherpa!