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Agility’s Anthem 2024 Broker Bonus Program is Here!

Agility’s Anthem Bonus

Individual Medical Sales Bonus
Tier 1 – 20 – 49 new members – $100 per member
Tier 2 – 50+ new members – $150 per member

Payout Schedule

Agility's Anthem Bonus

Program Details

This bonus program runs from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024.
● All new members must be domiciled in the state where their Anthem plan does business.
● Bonus does not apply to change of coverage, AOR changes, BOB transfers, etc.
● Agility may report bonus compensation as permitted or required by law.
● Additional new members added to an existing policy after the Original Effective Date do not qualify toward this bonus.
● New members must not have had a prior Individual Anthem plan within 90 days of effective date
● Bonus is only applicable to new members written with Agility Insurance Services as the top level general agency.
● Payment timelines are estimates based upon the anticipated timelines provided by Agility and are not a guarantee of specific payment timelines.
● All eligible Anthem Individual and Family Plans must be in force through the “Policies Active through” date to qualify.
● This program is offered at the sole discretion of Agility and we can terminate or modify it at any time and without notice. Any subsequent program is at our discretion. We may modify programs and compensation to comply with state law, regulations or approvals.gilit