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Agility’s Ambetter New Year’s Bonus Blitz!

Exclusive Bonus Through Agility

Can you get 8 members in 8 days starting on 12/8? If so, this bonus is for you! Agility is rolling out an exclusive New Year’s bonus program that allows you to earn an additional $20 per member with Ambetter!

BEST PART: We’ll be paying out this bonus by 12/31!

Here’s How It Works:

BIG NEWS- Active Renewals are included as well!

  • Minimum Requirement: Write a minimum of 8 new or renewal lives across these counties. You don’t have to write 8 new or renewal lives in one county to qualify, just 8 new or renewal lives across any of the eligible counties.
  • Bonus Details: For every individual covered, you’ll earn an additional $20. Also – no cap on the bonus earnings!
  • Program Duration: This offer is valid for business written between December 8, 2023, and December 15, 2023
  • Eligible Counties: This bonus is exclusively for Ambetter contracts written with individuals in any combination of the following counties:

Remember, this is an exclusive bonus from Agility, not a public Ambetter program. Only agents with contracts through Agility are eligible.

Let’s write our own holiday bonuses and end the year on a high note! If you have any questions, please contact Producer Support or your Field Sales Director.