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Announcing Our Newest Carrier Partner: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona 2024 Bonus Program!

Get contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona through Agility today and you can earn commission on all new and renewed ACA plans PLUS an extra bonus for qualifying members! (ACA plans include AZ Blue’s QHPs sold on the Marketplace and the same plans sold off the Marketplace.)

Qualifying Members:

  • New members are defined as someone who currently does not have an ACA policy with Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona (AZ Blue). A current member who has a policy and wants to change plans to a different policy does not qualify for the bonus.
  • Applies to new ACA members with active contracts in 2024. Members must maintain continuous coverage in the same contract and pay all monthly premiums for three months following their effective date.

The bonus program is only available to brokers who receive commissions for ACA individual and family plans, and are in compliance with their Broker Agreement (Individual Products) with AZ Blue. Bonuses are distributed by AZ Blue and will be paid quarterly starting with your April commission statement.

Download the bonus PDF here!