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How the Medicare Prescription Drug Inflation Reduction Act is Tackling Rising Drug Prices

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced the implementation of a new program called the Medicare Prescription Drug Inflation Reduction Act. This program aims to reduce the rising cost of prescription drugs covered under Medicare Part B. The new program will reduce coinsurance rates for 27 Part B drugs, with savings expected […]

Everything Your Customers Need to Know About How Employer-Sponsored Health Plans Compare to Medicare for Prescription Drug Costs

When it comes to prescription drug costs, there can be significant differences between employer-sponsored health plans and Medicare. Understanding the differences between the two can help your clients save money and ensure you help them get the coverage they need. Here’s what your customers need to know about employer-sponsored health plans and Medicare. Cost:  Generally […]

How Robocallers Are Preying On Elderly With Fake Medicare Offers

  Robocallers are taking advantage of elderly people who may not be aware of how to protect themselves from scams, by offering fake Medicare plans. These calls are not only costing unsuspecting individuals large amounts of money, but they are also violating rules put in place by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Robocallers are using […]

Medicare Patients Are Keeping the Telehealth Habit Post-Vaccines

As the world slowly gets back to some semblance of normalcy in 2023, millions of Medicare patients are continuing to access telehealth services to manage their health and wellness. This is despite the fact that vaccinations against the Covid-19 virus are now available in the US. The American Medical Association (AMA) recently conducted a survey […]

The Critical Role Agents Play in Medicare Plan Enrollment

Medicare beneficiaries have the right to choose their own coverage, and this is where you come in. The help of a licensed agent or broker can be invaluable in guiding clients through the process. Agents and brokers possess the specialized knowledge to answer questions and provide advice on a wide range of Medicare plan options […]

What you need to know about Medicare Part B Premiums for 2023

Medicare just made a big announcement regarding their Part B Premiums for 2023.  These standard premiums will drop by 3% next year. The monthly premium for Medicare Part B will reduce by $5.20 by 2023. This will also lower the deductible for Part B.  The government made this announcement on Tuesday, September 27. Here’s more […]

2023 Medicare Announcement

2023 Medicare Advantage and Part D Rate Announcement   In April, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the Announcement of Calendar Year (CY) 2023 Medicare Advantage (MA) Capitation Rates and Part C and Part D Payment Policies (the Rate Announcement). CMS’s goals for Medicare Advantage and Part D mirror our vision for […]