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Record High Enrollments Expected for ACA Marketplace in 2024

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace has seen a significant surge in enrollments in 2023, the upcoming enrollment period is expected to continue at the same torrid pace. With projected growth in uninsured and individual plans, enhanced subsidies and expanded eligibility criteria could lead the ACA Marketplace to experience record-breaking numbers of enrollments. Growing […]

The IRS just made a final ruling regarding the “Family Glitch”

The IRS just made a final ruling regarding the ACA “Family Glitch”. Here’s everything you need to know about it as a health insurance agent, and what this will mean for your customers. The Final Rule addresses the “family glitch” in the Affordable Care Act by basing the affordability of employer-sponsored coverage for a family […]

HealthSherpa: Multiple Enrollment Groups (Split Policies)

Enroll in different plans on the same application With Multiple Enrollment Groups, it’s easy to place applicants in different plans on the same application. When it may be useful to select multiple plans for a single application When applicants have different health needs When applicants have different provider needs When applicants have different prescription drug […]

New Google Certification for ACA (Affordable Care Act) Advertising

Update to Healthcare Policy (June 2021): Google has announced a new certification program for health insurance advertisers to aid in curbing misinformation or fraud. This special certification will be required for ACA health insurers or third-party brokers who want to run Google Ads. Brokers will need to provide documentation showing they are permitted under state […]

Molina Payment Portal Guide

Hello Broker Partners, Molina’s premium payment portals have transitioned to our new vendor HealthPlan Services (HPS). Please review our new Payment Guide for more information about our revamped payment platform and user flow. New Molina Payment Guide We are not currently able to take payments through our MyMolina member portal, but the functionality should be […]

2021 APTC Subsidy Change

Don’t miss the chance to enroll new and existing clients in more affordable coverage! Learn how much your clients in Texas can save with the recent expansion of APTC subsidy eligibility. See below for an example of how the subsidy changes would impact a 40-year-old at 150% of the FPL on a Bronze Classic Next […]

2021 Commission Schedule

OSCAR INDIVIDUAL The following Commission Schedule shall apply to Oscar Individual Market policies in effect beginning January 1st, 2021 and shall remain in effect until terminated or replaced by Oscar in writing and within the Company’s sole discretion. The Commission Schedule for each respective market in effect at the time the commission is paid shall govern for […]