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Friday Health Plans Announces their 2023 ACA Bonus

 2023 Bonus Schedule! Earn up to an extra $40 per new enrolled member and up to an extra $15 for members that you keep on a Friday Health Plan in 2023.  The Friday Health Plan Bonus applies to all to on and off exchange ACA sales in the states of Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, […]

Friday Health Plans Announcement

Friday Health Plans announced the decision to not offer services found in the Texas Health Insurance Exchange for 2023.  With open enrollment rapidly approaching, start planning to enroll all of your Friday Health members into alternate plans for 2023 health coverage.  Friday Health Plans added to their statement that they do intend to eventually offer […]

Friday Health Plans Broker Commission 2022 Bonus Program

Friday Health Plans Broker Commission Bonus Program Individual Plans New Sales Bonus New Members: 1-49 – $10 bonus payout New Members: 50-99 – $20 bonus payout New Members: 100-149 – $25 bonus payout New Members: 150-199 – $30 bonus payout New Members: 200-249 – $35 bonus payout New Members: 250-349 – $40 bonus payout New […]

Friday Health Plans: 2021 SEP Commission Bonus Program

INDIVIDUAL HEALTH PLANS: New Members COMMISSION: $100 per Member Qualifications & Details: Must enroll a minimum of 5 new members to be eligible for the bonus. Bonus is on every new member sold, once a minimum of 5 have been effectuated Bonus is retroactive and applies to effective dates of March 1st through September 1st, […]