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Agility Partners with Ameritas Dental and Vision!

Are your customers looking for a stand-alone dental and vision carrier that offers simple plans, a wide range of benefits, and a large network of providers? They need not look further than Ameritas, now partnered with Agility Insurance Services.

Ameritas has been offering dental coverage since 1959 and vision coverage since 1984. With $400 million in individual dental and vision plans available in all 50 states, Ameritas has become a trusted name in the industry. But what sets Ameritas apart from other carriers?

First and foremost, Ameritas focuses on simplicity, ease of enrollment, and member value. They offer a variety of plans that include implant coverage, teeth whitening, LASIK, hearing care, and Preventive Plus. With online enrollment and next-day benefits, consumers will immediately start enjoying the advantages of these benefits.

Ameritas also has an extensive network of providers. Their dental network boasts over 582,000 access points, 131,000 providers, and 93,000 locations across the United States and Mexico. With 25-50% savings compared to typical fees, your customers can rest assured that they are getting the best value for their money. For vision coverage, Ameritas partners with VSP and EyeMed network plans, giving you even more options.

But what if your clients are replacing a fully insured dental plan from another carrier? Ameritas offers Credit for Prior Coverage (CPC), as long as the gap in coverage is no more than 60 days from the Ameritas plan effective date, and the previous policy number and carrier name are provided during enrollment. This means customers can enjoy increased benefits, including year 2 plan benefits (coinsurance) on day one for Preventive, Basic, and Major dental services, based on the chosen plan.

Overall, Ameritas is an excellent choice for those looking for a stand-alone dental and vision carrier. With their focus on simplicity, value, and provider network, you as a health insurance agent can feel confident that your customers are getting the best coverage.

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