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“Gerber Life for Agents” Mobile App now available!

“Gerber Life for Agents” Mobile App – Empowering Life Insurance Agents

Introducing the Agent Zone mobile app, designed exclusively for licensed life insurance agents associated with Gerber Life. The Agent Zone app equips agents with a comprehensive suite of tools, offering quick access to product quotes and essential information. With its user-friendly interface, agents can efficiently perform various tasks on the go. Here’s what the Agent Zone mobile app brings to the table:

Instant Mobile Quotes: Agents can provide quick and accurate insurance quotes directly from their mobile devices. Whether they’re in the office or on the move, agents can effortlessly generate quotes to meet their clients’ needs.

Comprehensive Product Information: The Agent Zone mobile app grants agents access to a wealth of information about Gerber Life products. From policy details to coverage options, agents can swiftly retrieve the information they require to make informed recommendations.

Seamless Brochure Sharing: Effortlessly share product brochures with clients via email directly from the app. Agents can quickly send informational material to help clients better understand the available insurance products.

Streamlined Application Process: For agents appointed to Gerber Life with a valid Agent ID, the app provides a convenient link to the Gerber Life Agent Portal. This direct integration allows agents to effortlessly navigate to the portal and complete electronic applications, streamlining the entire process.

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