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Medicaid Redeterminations: Assessing Health Insurance Providers’ Measures

Medicaid plays a crucial role in the healthcare system of the United States, contributing to the well-being and economic stability of over 90 million Americans. This includes millions of children, individuals aged 65 and above, people with disabilities, and over 2 million veterans.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, health insurance providers are actively addressing gaps in coverage and striving to guarantee uninterrupted access to healthcare as states reassess the eligibility of Medicaid beneficiaries. These efforts involve significant measures such as:

Aetna Better Health is actively connecting with its Medicaid members utilizing various communication channels, such as email, texts, interactive voice response, postcards, HealthTag messages (included in their prescription bag literature), and other means. Additionally, Aetna Better Health is set to initiate a nationwide campaign that encompasses digital advertising.
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CareSource has established a specialized page for Medicaid redetermination, designed to provide members with valuable resources for effectively navigating the process.
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Centene is actively engaging with Medicaid members and providers by reaching out to them. Dedicated call centers are diligently handling member inquiries, while local leaders are working collaboratively to ensure the availability of essential support.
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Humana has developed educational materials to assist its members in navigating the Medicaid redetermination process, which varies across states. To ensure comprehension of the process in their respective locations, Humana provides state-specific pages for members' convenience.
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Molina has created an online Redetermination Provider Toolkit that includes a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and valuable resources, enabling providers to assist patients in navigating the redetermination process. Additionally, Molina is spearheading an awareness campaign utilizing text messages, emails, outreach calls, and social media involvement to prompt members to take necessary actions.
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