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Important Announcement: All Friday Health Plans will be terminated in Georgia

As of August 1st, 2023 all Friday Health Plans will be terminated in Georgia. This will mean that your clients will need to find a new health policy by July 31st to avoid any gaps in coverage. 


June 1 – Special Enrollment Period Begins

July 31 – Last Day to Enroll Without a Gap in Coverage

August 1 – All Friday Health Plans Policies are Terminated

September 29 – Last Day of Special Enrollment Period



When will policyholders' coverage under Friday Health Plans expire?
The current coverage for policyholders under Friday Health Plans will terminate on July 31, 2023, at 11:59 P.M.
What steps should policyholders take now?
Policyholders are required to select a new Exchange Health Plan before July 31, 2023, to ensure uninterrupted coverage. They can choose a new Exchange Health Plan from August 1, 2023 until September 29, 2023, but there will be a gap in their coverage.
Will policyholders still receive subsidies for premiums and cost sharing?
Yes, policyholders will continue to receive subsidies for their Friday Health Plans coverage until it ends. They will also receive subsidies for their new Exchange Health Plan as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.
How does the special enrollment period function?
The special enrollment period enables policyholders to enroll in a health plan outside of the regular open enrollment period. It is available from June 1, 2023, until September 29, 2023. Please note that policyholders must enroll by July 31, 2023, to avoid a coverage gap.
Will policyholders' claims be reimbursed?
Yes, all covered services claims for policyholders will be paid. They are only responsible for the cost sharing portion.
Do policyholders need to continue paying their premiums?
Yes, policyholders must continue paying premiums for their Friday Health Plans of Georgia until their coverage terminates.
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