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Marketplace Registration and Training for Plan Year 2024 Now Open for New and Returning Agents and Brokers

The registration and training for the Plan Year 2024 Marketplace are now accessible to both new and returning agents and brokers through the Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS).

Requirements for Marketplace Registration and Training

For New Agents and Brokers: If you are new to the Marketplace this year or have not completed the registration and training for Plan Year 2023, you are required to undergo the full Individual Marketplace training for Plan Year 2024. To fulfill this requirement, new agents and brokers can complete the Individual Marketplace training via the MLMS or choose from the list of HHS-approved vendor(s).

For Returning Agents and Brokers: Agents and brokers who successfully completed the Plan Year 2023 Individual Marketplace registration and training are eligible for a shorter training session for Plan Year 2024, along with optional review modules. Returning agents and brokers can access the training through the MLMS or HHS-approved vendor(s) once it becomes available.

As a returning agent or broker, you have the opportunity to take a condensed training course to fulfill the Individual Marketplace training requirement. The required training for Returning Agents and Brokers takes approximately one hour to complete. It consists of one mandatory training module, one exam, and the signing of the Agent Broker General Agreement. You can take part in this training through the MLMS or the approved vendor(s) recognized by HHS.