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Understanding Medicare Supplement Enrollment and Pre-Existing Conditions

As we have touched on in previous articles, Medicare Supplement can be the favored choice for some seniors beginning their Medicare journey. Medicare Supplement policies bring comfort to seniors as these policies are designed to fill in the areas left uncovered by original Medicare. Things like deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments are covered by a Medicare […]

Ambetter Health Broker/Agent Compliance

Ambetter Health is issuing a reminder of its no-tolerance policy for agents engaging in prohibited activities. Any prohibited activities discovered by Ambetter Health will result in issuance of a Notice of Action (NOA) letter and will lead to review, which may result in actions up to and including agent termination, and recoupment and cancelation of […]

Capping Part D Costs Could Lead to Reduced Benefits

Discussions continue to ripple through the Medicare insurance community with the recent Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announcement of rules and regulations changes for 2025. Sweeping alterations were released earlier in April that affect everything from agent commissions to Part D drug benefits. At first, the changes to Part D drug benefits were […]

New CMS Rule Limits Selling and Reselling Consumer Data

As part of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released updates, brokers and agents will have to take stronger precautions with customer data, especially when it comes to using that information with marketing companies. According to CMS, some third-party marketing organizations have been selling and reselling personal beneficiary data, subverting rules that […]

Understanding Medigap and Why It Can Sometimes Be a Better Option

Consumers are looking for solutions in the Medicare market and agents who have the knowledge to explain and offer Medicare products are continually growing their business. While much of the Medicare insurance growth has centered around the ultra-popular Medicare Advantage segment, agents who understand the other option, Medicare Supplement Insurance (commonly known as Medigap), can […]

Here’s 11 2024 Rewards Programs You Can Offer Your Clients

Everyone loves rewards and our team has found some robust incentives offered by 11 of our health insurance partners.All of the companies below are contracted with Agility. These are the latest 2024 rewards programs offered to members. Explaining these incentives to clients can help you find the best plan for your client and wrap up […]

Changing Agent of Record (AOR) by Carrier – Agility Resource Guide

Navigating the intricacies of changing Agent of Record across various carriers can bechallenging. That is why Agility has created a comprehensive resource guide to assist agents in this process. For additional support, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated producer support team at (866) 590-9771 or via email at [email protected]. Please Note: Amerihealth and […]

Get Ready for Agility’s UnitedHealthcare January Bonus Blitz!

We’re at it again! Want to earn extra cash this month? Agility is rolling out another exclusive bonus program that allows you to earn an additional $20 per member with every “NEW to UHC” enrollment with UnitedHealthcare Individual and Family Plans! PLUS, we’ll pay you by January 31st! Here’s How It Works: Minimum Requirement: Write […]

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Ancillary Bonus Program 2024

BCBS of Texas Bonus

BCBS of Texas 2024 Ancillary Broker Bonus Program is here! 2024 Ancillary Broker Bonus Program Now Available The Blue Cross Blue Shield 2024 ancillary broker bonus programs are designed to complement the BCBS package pricing model and provide excellent incentives for brokers! The payouts and structure will remain the same as 2023. What’s new this […]

Agility’s Ambetter New Year’s Bonus Blitz!

Exclusive Bonus Through Agility Can you get 8 members in 8 days starting on 12/8? If so, this bonus is for you! Agility is rolling out an exclusive New Year’s bonus program that allows you to earn an additional $20 per member with Ambetter! BEST PART: We’ll be paying out this bonus by 12/31! Here’s How It […]

The Rising Interest in Life Insurance Among Gen Z and Millennials

As a health insurance agent, you know the importance of life insurance in protecting your clients and their loved ones. And now, it seems that the younger generations, specifically Gen Z and Millennials, are recognizing the importance of life insurance too. According to recent studies, interest in purchasing life insurance is at an all-time high, […]

Demystifying ACA Network Adequacy Requirements

Are you struggling to navigate the world of health insurance networks and providers? As a health insurance agent, it can be challenging to help clients find the right plan that meets their needs. It becomes even more difficult to also work to ensure that they have access to quality healthcare providers. In today’s post, we’ll […]

Understanding the Impact of Recent Preventive Care Coverage Mandate Rulings on Health Insurance Plans for Employers and Individuals

As a health insurance agent, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest news and changes in healthcare policy. Recently, there have been several developments that impact the healthcare industry, particularly regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and preventive care coverage mandates. Here’s what you need to know: First, a judge has blocked the federal […]

Agility Partners with Ameritas Dental and Vision!

Are your customers looking for a stand-alone dental and vision carrier that offers simple plans, a wide range of benefits, and a large network of providers? They need not look further than Ameritas, now partnered with Agility Insurance Services. Ameritas has been offering dental coverage since 1959 and vision coverage since 1984. With $400 million […]

Agility offers compliant call recording for Medicare Sales with ConnectureDRX

Agility now offers compliant call recording for Medicare sales using Connecture DRX! Now, you will be able to use agent call recording to improve your clients’ shopping experience and record plan comparisons, and record over-the-phone enrollment. As an agent, you have a couple of options available to choose from, thanks to ConnectureDRX. Once you choose […]