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How independent health insurance agents can use social media for marketing

Social media has become an essential tool for marketing, and independent health insurance agents can benefit greatly from using these platforms to grow their business. However, there are a number of misconceptions about social media and the best use for it. These are some tips that can help you leverage social media effectively to improve […]

4 ways health insurance agents can build a grassroots lead generation program

Grassroots marketing can, and should, be a priority for health insurance agents who want to build a book of business in their local communities. Even the world’s largest search engine, Google, rewards businesses that are local, which should be a strong indicator to agents working to grow their businesses. There are many ways to build […]

Discover the Medica 2024 Bonus Program!

In the world of insurance, brokers often play a pivotal role in helping individuals and families secure the coverage they need. For Minnesota residents enrolled in an Essentia Choice Care by Medica IFB plan, 2024 brings exciting news with the introduction of the Medica 2024 Individual + Family (IFB) Bonus Program. This program not only […]

How Health Insurance Agents Can Use A Call Center To Compete With Bigger Companies

Small health insurance agents often find themselves competing against larger insurance companies with more resources and established call centers. That doesn’t mean small insurance agents can’t carve out a strong customer base, and using a call center may be one of the best ways to reach a larger pool of potential clients. There are strategies […]

HAP Is Offering $500 For Their 2024 Individual Plan Producer Bonus Program!

Insurance producers seeking to enhance their income in 2024 will be delighted to hear about Health Alliance Plan’s (HAP) exciting $500 2024 Individual Plan Producer Bonus Program. This program has been carefully crafted to recognize and reward their dedication and efforts. The program operates on a straightforward principle: For every five Individual Plan applications that […]

5 Ways Health Insurance Agents Can Keep Customers

It’s one of the most important rules of running a business. New customers are great; existing customers are better. For health insurance agents, that means it’s important to add new customers. It’s even better to keep the customers you have. To be a successful health insurance agent, you must maintain your customers because it is essential for long-term […]

Molina Healthcare Broker Bonus Program 2024

Molina Marketplace is thrilled to announce the details of its highly anticipated 2024 Broker Bonus plan. In recognition of the dedicated brokers who have played an essential role in renewing business with Molina, the company is excited to offer this enticing financial opportunity.   The 2024 Broker Bonus plan underscores Molina Marketplace’s deep appreciation for […]

Enhancing Agent of Record Transparency for OE24 with HealthSherpa

In the dynamic world of healthcare enrollment, being the Agent of Record (AOR) is crucial for insurance professionals. To prepare for Open Enrollment 24 (OE24), HealthSherpa is rolling out significant updates aimed at enhancing transparency regarding AOR status. These changes are set to revolutionize your experience and understanding of client assistance, submission, and AOR designation. […]

The State of Health Coverage for Immigrants in 2023

In 2021, the United States was home to 44.7 million immigrants, constituting about 6% of the total population. This diverse group included 20.8 million noncitizen immigrants and 23.9 million naturalized citizens, with many residing in mixed immigration status families. The health coverage landscape for immigrants in the U.S. is complex, shaped by factors such as […]

5,000 Coloradans still need health insurance

A report from Colorado Public Radio says at least 5,000 people will lose insurance in the Centennial State at the end of this month after Friday Health Plans were shut down earlier this year. Despite warnings and prodding from groups like the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, there are still thousands of uninsured people. “It’s […]

How Many Doctors Have Declined Participation in the Medicare Program?

The number of physicians who have opted out of accepting Medicare payments has held steadyin the latest report released by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Of all non-pediatric physicians, 1.1percent – or 11,039 – have opted out in 2023.“This analysis shows that a very small share of non-pediatric physicians are opting-out ofMedicare, similar to prior analyses dating back to […]

What Is the Potential Value of the Insurance Brokering Industry in the Next Decade?

The international broking industry is on the cusp of a significant transformation, with revenues expected to reach a staggering $628.3 billion by 2023. This robust growth trajectory is primarily attributed to three pivotal factors, as highlighted in a recent report by Allied Market Research. First and foremost, the expansion of digital brokers is revolutionizing the […]

Record High Enrollments Expected for ACA Marketplace in 2024

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace has seen a significant surge in enrollments in 2023, the upcoming enrollment period is expected to continue at the same torrid pace. With projected growth in uninsured and individual plans, enhanced subsidies and expanded eligibility criteria could lead the ACA Marketplace to experience record-breaking numbers of enrollments. Growing […]

Virginia’s Transition to a State-Based Exchange

Big changes are on the horizon for insurance brokers in Virginia as the state gears up for its upcoming Open Enrollment Period. Virginia is making a significant shift by transitioning to its own State-based Exchange Platform, known as the Virginia Insurance Marketplace (VIM). This change promises a smoother experience for both brokers and consumers. Here’s […]

Ameritas Agent Bonus Program Breakdown

Discover the Ameritas Agent Bonus Initiative—a reward system tailored for your outstanding performance in individual dental and vision sales. This impactful program recognizes your unwavering commitment, especially during the AEP/OEP season. It’s Ameritas’ way of showing their appreciation for your dedication to selling their dental and vision products. Through this enticing bonus program, you can […]

Unraveling Coverage Origins Among Medicare Beneficiaries

Medicare, a vital health insurance program in the United States, serves as a lifeline for millions of Americans, offering coverage to 65 million individuals. Within this vast landscape, a variety of coverage options exist, each catering to different demographic segments and ensuring beneficiaries can access necessary healthcare services without incurring insurmountable expenses. In this blog […]

Discovering Cigna’s 2023 Wincentives Program

Get ready for a lucrative journey with Cigna’s 2023 Wincentives! Embrace the opportunity to boost your income effortlessly through Cigna Supplemental Benefits Wincentives program. This year promises an array of new avenues to earn extra income consistently, unrestricted by any limits. Elevate your financial prospects month after month as Wincentives returns, embodying Cigna’s commitment to […]

Navigating 2024: Understanding ACA Marketplace Premium Increases

As we approach the year 2024, it’s important to be well-prepared for the changes and challenges that lie ahead in the ACA Marketplace. A recent analysis conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) sheds light on the evolving landscape of healthcare premiums and the factors driving their growth. In this blog post, we’ll break down […]

Stay Informed: AHIP’s 2024 Medicare + Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Training

Stay updated and compliant with the latest regulations in the world of Medicare? If you’re a part of the healthcare industry, especially dealing with Medicare Advantage and Part D plans, then you’re in luck! The AHIP’s 2024 Medicare + Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (MFWA) training is here to equip you with essential insights into the […]